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You can use the Form on this Website:

  • to send your Membership Application to us if you want to become a member.
  • to renew your Membership for 2022 by using PayPal or your own Bankaccount.

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Everything about Membership Application and Renewal.

Everything about Membership and Renewal (klick to open)

To answer the most frequent question first: You don’t have to become a member to visit our lectures or our other events and outings. They are open for everyone against payment of a guest fee. Some special events may be open for members only.

Members have:

  • free admission to Arts Society lectures,
  • priority to some events,
  • the right to vote at the Annual General Meeting (AGM) and
  • the right to stand for the Board or Committee.

a) Application for Membership

The annual subscription fee for Ordinary Members is €75.00 per person.
Alternatively, you can choose to become a Sustaining Member, which will help us to assure the financial future of our Society, and will entitle you to priority for special events and visits to local attractions. The fee is €100.00 per year.

A 50% reduction is available for students.

The next thing you might say is: But I don’t want to commit myself on a long-term basis. No problem: If you become a member of our society, the term of the agreement will be for one calendar year only. According to our Articles of Association you may terminate your membership by giving us at least three months‘ notice in writing to the end of the calendar year. Unless it is terminated as indicated above, your membership continues for successive one-year periods.

b) Renewal of Membership

If you wish to renew your membership, you can pay your subscription fee via PayPal on this site or you can use your own bank account to transfer the money into our account before the January lecture of the new year:


IBAN: DE57 1007 0848 0463 9365 00


If you have any further questions, please send an email to our Membership Secretary Barbara Philipp-Wald:

2021-01_Membership Application - Renewal


Membership Application or Renewal :

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