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A Virtual Tour of Exhibit in the Mauritshuis

A Virtual Tour of Exhibit in the Mauritshuis

This exhibit brings us back to Holland of the 17th century with its variety of art including still lifes, portraits, scenes of everyday, landscapes, religious works. But there is a twist – normally when we look at art we use our sense of sight but this exhibit is asking us to use our sense of smell. Smell is a fascinating phenomenon. It works on your memory and your emotions. Andy Warhol said smell really is a time machine transporting us to the past and what about the emotional aspect called the Proustian Memory. So this exhibit is about smells and depictions of smells, can life in 17th century Holland be captured in smell what are their significance and what do they mean to us. Can our sense of smell bring us closer to 17th century Holland and help to enhance our experience of looking at art?

Lecturer: Mrs Jane Choy-Thurlow

Jane E. Choy-Thurlow is a docent and enjoys giving lectures and tours at the Mauritshuis, Prince William V gallery and Huygens Museum Hofwijck in The Hague, The Netherlands. A few of the many exhibits in the Mauritshuis she has been part of are: the legendary Johannes Vermeer exhibit, Rembrandt by Himself and Holbein, Portraitist of the Renaissance.
An active member of The Arts Society, she is a founding member of DFAS of The Hague and has fulfilled committee positions including chairman and Mainland Europe Area Chairman and presently is Area Trainer and a New Societies committee member. She received her BSc from Salem State University, USA, her MEd from Trinity College Dublin and continued art history studies at Leiden University.
In 2018 she was given the honour of Knight in the Order of Oranje Nassau by the Dutch King Willem Alexander of Orange for her knowledge and work in the field of the Arts especially 15th to 17th century Dutch and Flemish art.

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