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The Art of the Cartoonist

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The Art of the Cartoonist

Harry Venning has been a professional cartoonist for thirty years, during which time he has provided cartoons for several high profile UK publications (The Guardian, Radio Times) as well as for countless more obscure titles (British Journal Of Wound Care).
In The Art Of The Cartoonist Harry will be tracing the story of cartoons and cartoonists over the last two hundred years, from Hogarth and Gilray to Herjé and Schulz, focusing on those artists who have made an abiding impression upon culture, language, history and, specifically, him.
There will be humour, there will be history and there will be live drawing from him, as he shares some of the tricks and techniques of the cartoonists trade.

Lecturer: Harry Venning

Harry Venning graduated from the University of Wales, Aberystwyth with a BA in history, formed a touring theatre company bringing new plays to audiences in rural Wales, was then employed for a year as an actor/writer with the Channel Theatre Company in Ramsgate, Kent, before giving up acting and becoming a cartoonist instead.
He has had work published in the UK and abroad, including the strip Clare in the Community which has been a weekly feature in The Guardian since 1996. In 2016 he was awarded Strip Cartoonist of the Year by the UK Cartoon Trust. Harry is also a Sony Award winning writer of radio comedy.
For the last ten years he has been performing his cartoon workshop Release Your Inner Cartoonist in its many different guises, to audiences as diverse as schoolchildren, business executives and festival goers.

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